Here are just some of the applications that Slicknut can be used for:




Chemical Industry




Solar Industry

























High Voltage




Alarm Systems









And More!



Start using Slicknuts throughout your entire job. Prepare yourself to be energized and motivated to pull your wiring without all the usual frustration and fatigue. Start by using the Slicknut ground bushings designed so that when you push your conductors through them, you don't hit the plastic insert and break it. The split insert is installed after the push through of conductors. Please keep in mind that all Slicknut products are UL approved as locknuts. No other locknut is needed below the Slicknut connector. You also have 3 hole locations to choose from when positioning the ground lug and set screw. The rigid, serrated teeth on the bottom of the Slicknut insure that you will have a vibration free positive bonding connection to your structure.


Install Slicknut pull bushings on all connectors from your main service panel to your junction boxes. This will ease the pull of wire with less fatigue. Best of all, no more tangled wire when you do continuous pulls through multiple junction boxes. You will never have to worry about damaging your wires and causing Ground Faults. The inventor of the Slicknut is a veteran electrician. He boasts, " I have to say, when we use the Slicknuts on our jobs, my employees and I come to work the next day, ready to start all over without complaining about all of the aches and frustration that come with the job".


Low voltage: Install Slicknut thread-less bushing on EMT or heavy wall pipe. Yes that's right, either pipe material whether it requires a grounding bushing or a pull bushing. Just remember when you are using Slicknut products you are also protecting your investment in wiring and preventing those awful ground fault shorts.


If you use the Slicknuts for alarm systems, fire alarm, phone, data, intercom, and camera systems you can assure your project will have a safer installation.



Commercial Projects:


Install the main service, CT cabinets, and service doghouse. Now use the Slicknut ground bushing and pull bushings in the doghouse.

The design of our Slicknut ground bushing will prevent the costly mistake of breaking the insulator when pushing your cables through the ground bushing. Our split plastic insert is installed after the push through. You will never have to worry about breaking the pre-installed plastic insert that is already in other ground bushings.


These are the steps to install a Slicknut ground bushing: remember the patented Slicknut rounded edge is the key to your success.


1st- Screw the Slicknut ground bushing. Determine the screw hole location so the ground lug can be positioned properly.

2nd- Install Slicknut with no locknut (Slicknut is UL approved as a locknut).

3rd- Install your ground lug and set screw.

4th- Pull your wires through.

5th- Install your plastic insert if using larger than number 4 gauge.

6th- Connect your wire to the ground lug.


Doghouse Installation:


Install Slicknut pull bushing so when you push up or pull down you do not risk the damage from the sharp connectors or breaking of insulator, because you pop in the split insert when wires are pulled through and completed.


Main service to junction boxes:

Install Slicknut pull bushings on all connections and you will see that tangled wiring and damaged conductors are a thing of the past.

Pull wire through multiple junction boxes without having to push wire back in. Connect all of your HVAC equipment with 1 shot pulling. Use Slicknuts for low voltage applications such as thermostat wiring, control wiring, phone, data, alarm systems, camera and door lock systems. It’s amazing what you can do with Slicknuts!





Slicknut can be used to wire machinery of all sizes and may help to eliminate vibration. The serrated bottom and set screw insures that your equipment is grounded properly, and less chance of ground faults.



The Slicknut can be installed in disconnects, junction boxes and inside machinery. There will be no problem if you use greenfield or liquid-tight connectors. The Slicknut has universal threads that fit on all brands of connectors.



Slicknuts are very useful in high ceilings where you need a scissor lift. You will no longer need multiple helpers with additional scissor lifts that you had to use in the past. The Slicknut rounded edge allows you to pull through all of those J boxes without pulling wires completely out, then back into the connector again to make it to the next J box. Please use common sense to secure your J box. Always support your conduits properly. When piping in a 45 degree angle, use the largest radius you can to ease the pull.

Using Slicknut means less fatigue, less time and a safer installation.

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